25 Ideas For a Little Something To Put In Her Stocking

Stocking stuffers are always a last-minute thought, how about starting a little earlier this year with our ideas for stocking stuffers for her. From jewelry to candy we have it all, so you don’t have to stress about getting her something, she will actually use and appreciate! These ideas for stocking stuffers for her will make your shopping that much easier this year.

Sequin Jewelry

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Make a statement with the Shooting Star Ear Climbers. The eye-catching 22K gold-dipped brass surgical steel post earrings with Sequin’s signature antique finish feature semi-precious rainbow moonstones, glass pearls and Swarovski® crystals. Dress up for the holidays with the unique ear climbing sparkles or add a bit of pizazz to jeans and a sweater on movie night. The Shooting Star Ear Climbers are 2 inches tall with the moon pendant drop that is ¾ inch by ½ inch.

Oceana Baby Hoop Earrings are made for seashell collecting, beach walking, nature-loving beauties. A beautiful semi-precious freshwater pearl and a real cowrie shell delicately dangle 1½ inches from the small 22K gold-dipped brass hoop. Sequin jewelry is designed and handcrafted in the United States with components from around the world. Sequin jewelry company is committed to supporting animal welfare by donating time and resources to a variety of charities, ideas for stocking stuffers for her that also give back!

Shooting Star Ear Climbers | Oceana Baby Hoop Earrings
Sequin Jewelry| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

V Coterie

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The holiday season is an excellent time to thank the healthcare professional in your life, not only for the sacrifices they’ve made over the past two years but those they continue to make each and every day. The perfect spot for gifts for these heroes is only a click away at V Coterie. These ideas for stocking stuffers for her are so meaningful this year.

For something truly breathtaking, the Stethoscope Necklace is a perfect choice. Inspired by celestial constellations, these scattered gemstones shine against the gold vermeil. With an adjustable chain, this 24 mm pendant can accent her favorite scrub top at work or her sweetest blouse for happy hour.

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Keep her sassy while she works! An enamel pin on her lapel or badge can speak volumes, and there is none better than the Don’t Be Salty Enamel Pin. This saline bag has a job to do and it doesn’t need to deal with bad attitudes while it works. This small pin is mighty, colorful, and polished to shine. With a black rubber backing, this pin won’t poke through scrubs and will stay put no matter how intense her day gets.

This season, help her keep her chin up and her hands at work with V- Coterie.

Stethoscope Necklace
| Don’t Be Salty Enamel Pin
V- Coterie | Facebook | Instagram


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Lensabl is your one-stop shop for all things optical, without leaving your home. Get your glasses, lens replacements, and contact lenses hassle-free from the comfort of your house and rest knowing you will receive high-quality vision products. Choose from a variety of lenses and frames for all of your glasses needs and you will be happy with your sight no matter the occasion.

The Beverly Frames from the Everyday Eyewear Collection are premium optical frames available as both prescription glasses or sunglasses. These frames are simple yet trendy and compliment any face size and shape nicely. The lenses include blue-light protection, anti-reflective coating, anti-scratch coating, and 100% UV protection. The Beverly is available in tortoise, black, and grey, perfect ideas for stocking stuffers for her.

Beverly Frames
Lensabl | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Maison Miru

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This holiday season you can give yourself or your friend an edgy new look with a Maison Miru ear cuff. The Rainbow Eternity Ear Cuff gives you the look of a cartilage piercing but without the pain and only when you want to rock that look. The Rainbow Eternity Ear Cuff gracefully, sparkles with a single row of rainbow CZ crystals set in 14k gold plated brass. The ear cuff is 15mm wide by 11 mm tall. You just slip it around your ear and give it a pinch so that it comfortably hugs your ear.  These are the most fun ideas for stocking stuffers for her.

The best part about Maison Miru ear cuffs is that they are designed to be worn in multiples. And, since no piercings are required, changing your glamorous look has never been so simple. Pair the Rainbow Eternity Ear Cuff with the Eternity Arch Ear Cuff in Rose Gold, which has a bolder 13mm diameter architectural design so it fits more spots on your ear. The 14k gold-plated brass Eternity Arch Ear Cuff features a single row of CZ crystals, also comes in gold and silver. If you have never had a cartilage piercing but want to give the look a try, the beautiful Maison Miru ear cuffs are definitely the way to do it.

Rainbow Eternity Ear Cuff | Eternity Arc Ear Cuff in Rose Gold
Maison Miru | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Maple & J

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Every woman loves her bracelets and stacking is so in style! This Christmas let Maple & J give you the heavy, quality, perfect fit bangle bracelets she will love. Maple & J bangles are designed to be worn all the time; never take them off no matter what you’re doing and these durable bracelets will last. Meant to be an heirloom piece, choose from one or more, accessorize from day to day, or even order matching bangles for your child or best friend. We love the gold twisted and the jockey cuff paired together for our everyday wear. Let the pieces from Maple & J remain with you through all seasons, carrying any meaning you so choose.

Gold Twisted | Jockey Cuff
Maple & J | Facebook | Instagram

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Sanity-Saver Theramist Set

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Know someone that could really use a big dose of “Calm the F*ck Down?” The Sanity-Saver Set, perfect for friends or family members who are a little too high strung includes full-size bottles of Calm The F*ck DownGo The F*ck To Sleep, and Rise The F*ck up. Made from spring water, essential oils, and flower essences, these theramists are safe for adults, kids, and pets. And while they’ll certainly make you giggle, they also really f*cking work, good ideas for stocking stuffers for her!

Sanity-Saver Theramist Set
You Need Ther-Happy | Facebook | Instagram


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If you’re looking for the ultimate holiday gift for the fashionista on your list, then look no further than the celebrity-favorite brand PDPAOLA

Founded in 2014, they strive to make affordable statement pieces, including earrings, necklaces, and rings that add a little sparkle and luxury to women’s everyday lives in over 112 countries. 

The exquisite Letter R Necklace is the epitome of elegance and style. This timeless pendant is made of sterling silver plated with 18k gold. It features a wide array of colorful stones, including olive green, golden yellow, spinel blue, creating a statement that will be adored for years to come. Embrace your true self with this hand-finished necklace and have your name spoken aloud with floating letters for a distinctive personal touch. With 26 letters to choose from, it’s easy to pick the perfect holiday gift. 

This holiday season, make a lasting impression on your loved ones with fine jewelry from PDPAOLA.

Letter R Necklace 
PDPAOLA| Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Youtube | Pinterest

Jessica Santander


The Be Bold, Be Yourself Gemstone Bracelet is one of those excellent gifts for your friend or sister to show them how much you believe in them, their dreams, and their goals. The handmade bracelet is made of 8 mm black tourmaline, black tourmaline quartz, and pyrite gemstones. The black and white colors show to encourage you to be bold, courageous, and determined.

The bracelet lets you shine with your “glow-getter soul.” The Be Bold, Be Yourself Gemstone Bracelet ships with eco-friendly tissue paper and a silver-plated logo charm. Jessica Santander, the founder of Jessica Santander jewelry, blends South American cultural aesthetics with whimsical colors in her jewelry designs to create a sense of renewed optimism when wearing the jewelry.

See the Goodness of Changes Lepidolite Bracelet is handmade in the United States with the beautiful lilac 10 mm lepidolite and shimmery druzy agate. The bracelet sparks your imagination as it encourages confidence in your new decisions as you make new beginnings. Jessica Santander donates 1 percent of profits to the nonprofit InHerShoes Movement, which encourages women and girls around the globe to “live and create courageously.” These bracelets are great ideas for stocking stuffers for her that spread joy all around the world.

Be Bold, Be Yourself Gemstone Bracelet | See the Goodness of Changes Lepidolite Bracelet
Jessica Santander | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


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Looking for the perfect gift for your daughter, sister, mother, aunt, grandmother, or friend? Give them the gift of ethical jewelry from Resera, one of the perfect ideas for stocking stuffers for her. This brand is on a mission to employ and empower women survivors overcoming homelessness, domestic violence, incarceration, and addiction. This is a company with ideas for stocking stuffers for her that are more than just a gift.

We particularly love the Restored Necklace for the holidays. This gorgeous dual-sided coin represents the healing power of love. On one side, the heart emblem reminds you of the women survivors who made your necklace and how your purchase empowers them. On the other side, the cross represents HIV/AIDS and how each necklace helps Love One provide emergency healthcare and rehabilitative services to youth in Uganda. By wearing this coin, you can keep the message of Love One and Resera close to your heart, quite literally, and remember to love the one in front of you.

Restored Necklace
ReseraFacebook | Instagram

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Sugar Chic

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Pleasing those friends and family on your gift list that have a sweet tooth will be effortless with the personalized luxury candy gift sets from Sugar Chic. Candy ideas for stocking stuffers for her are always a good idea. With options to create your own box with the candies of your choosing or select from holiday-themed boxes, the options are endless. For a simple, yet mouth-watering box, The Classic Set is a fun and aesthetically pleasing package that includes favorites from sweet to sour in both hard or chewy pieces. The Classic Set showcases 6 triangles of different candies including:

  • sour grapes
  • mini blue sour raspberries
  • sour jacked up juice berries
  • gummy worms
  • sour cherry bombs
  • mini sour cherry bombs

The Classic Set makes for a great office gift, a secret Santa surprise, or ideas for stocking stuffers for her. This set is both kosher and gluten-free.

The Classic Set
Sugar Chic | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Air And Anchor

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Every woman needs a staple necklace in her jewelry box, and Air And Anchor have an abundance of options. This holiday season, the Crew Bib Adjustable Chain Necklace has piqued our interest, not only for its stunning style but because it is fully customizable, so she can experience any style she chooses. This necklace can stun on its own, or complement any other piece she wants to wear. Ideas for stocking stuffers for her can add to what she already has in her jewelry box. Plated in vintage gold or silver, it lays delicately when worn and with a simple push of a button, it can be adjusted to the desired length up to 24″.

Crew Bib Adjustable Chain Necklace
Air And Anchor | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest

Dashing Diva

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Christmas is right around the corner and it is time to look the part with stocking stuffer ideas for her. Some of the best stocking stuffers for women are the easiest to get if it saves her money and time. When a gal can literally, just press and go and look fabulous from the wrist down – you know your stocking gift is a winner! This holiday, Dashing Diva has some stunning press-on nails that will ring in the season with beauty and ease – without costing a fortune or spending hours at the manicure table.

Here are a few selections that will delight and match the season perfectly! If your gal is a bit frisky, the Reindeer Date press on nails are short, sweet, and colorful little reindeer reminders of the warmth of this holiday season. For every girl who feels like a queen this holiday season, the Ice Princess press-on nails are long, coffin-shaped, and glossy for the sophisticated woman. These sparkly, yet classically colored mails are impressively perfect for this Christmas season.

Though winter is upon us the stars still shine brightly on those clear winter nights making the Star Gazer press-on nails for every girl who adores the stars above. These are short-lengthed, square-shaped press-on nails with steel blue, ombre, and rhinestone with a hint of glitter. Pop these stars into the stocking stuffers for women who love holding onto the beauty of the stars above. 

The kiss of winter does not have to be dull and bland without the colors of summer. Wear the beauty of the season with the Winter Luxe press-on nails. The stunning forest green with gold accents complete that simple, yet fetching design. 

Ah, yes, another gathering to attend. When you’re thinking your gal has an informal get-together to attend, a more subtle look will do just nicely. The Night Rider press-on nails are a semi-sheer blue with a glitter finish for those late-night dinners or meetings this winter. Do you need something colder? Take snow for instance. Snow is a stark, cold white, but that does not mean your nails have to be just as stark. Add a sweet splash of color with the Lilac Ice press-on nails for a purple glitter and a 3D diamond effect for a fun and sassy style.

For those sniggle evenings by the fire, choosing to stay in, the colors of the holidays and the warmth of your loves inspired this Crystal Cosmos press-on nail. The deep purple base is flecked with multi-colored glitter for a stunning, out-of-this-world look – just like the amazing life of the woman who gets these fun nails! 

Finally, for the light-hearted princess, the Light Show combines the sweetness of light pink glitter and the adorableness of reindeer in their press-on nails. Dashing Diva just so happens to be the queen of easy, time-saving nails options when those special ladies in your life would appreciate the million-dollar look in just ten minutes.

Crystal Cosmos | Light Show | Lilac Ice | Winter Luxe | Star Gazer | Ice Princess | Reindeer Date
Dashing Diva | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


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LoveCube is such a unique, elegant, custom way to show your love to your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or parents. Creating a custom LoveCube is simple. With just a few clicks, you let LoveCube know a little bit about who will receive your beautiful high-end photo box with loving and encouraging messages on the back of the 4×4 inch cards, and for what occasion (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, birthday, just because, etc…)

The website quickly shows you 60 cards with beautiful photos on one side and messages on the other side based on the attributes you selected that describe your loved one. You can order this LoveCube, or you can easily edit the messages for a more personal touch. You can even switch out the photos so your LoveCube is filled with your memories from holidays, vacations, weddings, baseball games, the beach, etc… The cards come wrapped in a ribbon in a sleek, keepsake box. LoveCube is like a 21st Century love letter that will make her swoon.

LoveCube |
LoveCube | Facebook | Instagram

Made by Mary

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Dainty necklaces are trending and perfect for ideas for stocking stuffers for her! Layering multiple necklaces enhances simple outfits and becomes an eye-catching accessory. The Poppy Choker from Made by Mary is a shimmery necklace that hits just right on your neck. The continuous row of gold circles sets this apart from other chokers giving a glowing effect. This necklace is available in 3 different lengths and in addition to gold, it also comes in rose gold and silver. The Poppy is a great addition to other longer necklaces to complete a set or even paired with another style of the choker.

Poppy Choker
Made by Mary | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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Puffin Drinkware

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Give the gift of fun, satisfying practicality this holiday season with the must-have drink accessories from Puffin Drinkware. These insulated drink holders keep your beverages close at hand while quickly becoming the center of attention due to their unique (adorable) appearance.

For the gal or gent who loves to drink their beer from a bottle, the Beverage Sleeping Bag must top your list. This cozy insulated sleeping bag keeps the cold contained. With a carabiner and bottle opener, you can be sure you’ll have access to your libations wherever your holiday travels lead you. A small utility pocket holds caps for proper disposal, so you’re drinking smart and disposing of waste properly.

Prefer a cool can? The Beverage Parka can take an ordinary beverage to a whole new level of glam. Two layers of thermal insulation keep your hand warm and your drink cold, and the “arms” of the parka are actually quite firm, so it’s almost as if your can has handles now. Yes, please!

Finally, the Wine Bag can accompany you on your outings! With a pocket for a corkscrew and a hidden handle, this wine bag is unassuming but totally ready to relax whenever you are. Available in two different colors, this wine bag is simple and beautiful in design and everything we could ask for in functionality.

Beverage Sleeping Bag | Wine Bag | Beverage Parka
Puffin Drinkware | Facebook | Instagram


daily-mom-parent-portal ideas for stocking stuffers for her

Do you need a gift for someone who could really use a dose of positivity this holiday season? With the holidays approaching, and all the stress that comes along with it, give a gift that will help inspire positivity and optimism. MantraBand’s bracelets are not only beautiful but they’re also stamped with empowering and uplifting messages, another one of the great ideas for stocking stuffers for her.

We particularly love the “She Believed She Could, So She Did” Infinity Bracelet and the “I CAN DO HARD THINGS” Bracelet that remind us of our strength and that we can do whatever it takes. In fact, there is nothing we can’t accomplish if we put our mind and heart to it. After the year we just had, we could all use a little bit of these sentiments. This is one of those ideas for stocking stuffers for her that you can’t go wrong with, for all the ladies on your list!

I CAN DO HARD THINGS Bracelet | She Believed She Could, So She Did Infinity Bracelet
MantraBand | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Cheeterz Club

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Ideas for stocking Stuffers for her

Cheeterz Club makes affordable, handmade frames that defend against the harsh digital and artificial lights we are exposed to all day long! The best part is they are super cute and customizable, win, win for everyone! With plenty of options for men or women, you can look chic while protecting your eyes all day long.

The Kate Glasses are our favorite because the soft angled rectangle shape is not only well balanced, it looks good on all face types. Plus you can choose your options-tint, from the fun rose-colored, brown sun, or no tint for all-day use. Whether you have 20/20 vision or need a little help, their power chart will help you decide what is best for your needs. These are more than just glasses, they will complete any outfit, day or night, from office to brunch with the gals. Ideas for stocking stuffers for her can be functional and cute!

Kate Glasses
Cheeterz Club | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


daily-mom-parent-portal ideas for stocking stuffers for her

This holiday season give the writer on your holiday list a personalized Circa® Sea and Sky Sliver Notebook by LevengerSince 1987, Levenger has designed premier products for the home and office, including notebooks, pens, backpacks, travel accessories, and much more. 

The award-winning Circa Sea Notebook was originally designed in 1996  to “unbind” traditional note-taking. The disc-bound notebook features a LevTex leather alternative cover that folds back for easy note-taking, black PU lining, pockets for loose pages, and holds business cards. In addition, the Circa® system has 70 unique refill systems to choose from, so you can customize your notebook to do multiple tasks keeping you organized all year long. It’s available in four different colors: midnight, ocean, seafoam, and sky. You can also add a monogram or full name for an added personal touch that will be very memorable.

This holiday season, impress that special person in your life with a personalized notebook from Levenger and show them how much they mean to you!  We love these ideas for stocking stuffers for her, no matter her age.

Circa® Sea and Sky Sliver Notebook 
Levenger | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Isabelle Grace

daily-mom-parent-portal ideas for stocking stuffers for her

This Strength and Dignity Cuff is more than just a piece of jewelry, it is a reminder of how strong a woman is and can be when faced with diversity. This stylish modern cuff was designed to honor and support the ongoing fight against breast cancer. These make wonderful ideas for stocking stuffers for her, the woman who would appreciate a daily reminder that no what she is faced with she will prevail. This is a standard 6″ cuff that is 1/4″ thick, adjustable, and available in both silver and gold for all skin tones. “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25

Strength and Dignity Cuff
Isabelle Grace | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


daily-mom-parent-portal ideas for stocking stuffers for her

Shopping for the perfect gift this holiday season can be difficult, luckily, Facii has crafted the MilaMila is rechargeable perfection in a sleek, compact mirror design. This compact mirror not only is available in three colors but also comes with dimmable LED lights along the bottom to adjust for the surroundings.

Say goodbye to batteries and hello to the simplicity of rechargeable while at home or on the go. Slip the Mila into its chic little velvet pouch, because of course one needs a travel pouch, and take on the day knowing your lighting is always good.  If you are looking for ideas for stocking stuffers for her, look no further!

Fancii | Facebook | Youtube | Pinterest

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Deborah Lippmann

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Ideas for stocking Stuffers for her

If you love a nice gel manicure but don’t want to invest the time or money in the upkeep and the damage it does to your nails, we have the best at-home alternative. This top and bottom coat Gel Lab Pro set is a healthy alternative to gel manicures that delivers a high shine, extended wear and that cushion plumped look you get at the salon. Without the use of UV lamps or any nail damage, safe and easy to remove with any nail polish remover, no soaking involved! Grab a few nail polishes for this great idea for stocking stuffers for her.

Gel Lab Pro
Deborah Lippmann | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Palette by pak

daily-mom-parent-portal ideas for stocking stuffers for her

Palette® The Original High Fiver™ is an incredible beauty tool for those who love to travel. This stocking stuffer for her allows her to take her favorite lotions, oils, powders, creams, and gels with her without worrying about multiple small travel containers. Just fill Palette’s five wells, cap and go. Palette The Original High Fiver, is made of at least 30 percent recycled plastic in the base and the wells are made of medical-grade material.

At just 7.5 x 1 x 1.5 inches, Palette, which is washable and re-usable, makes traveling with your favorite beauty products easy and convenient. The Spatty X Palette and the Original High Fiver now come together. The Spatty X Palette is a flexible, medical-grade cosmetic spatula that lets you get every last drop of your favorite beauty products from their containers and into the wells for travel. This is one of those ideas for stocking stuffers for her that go the extra mile!

The Original High Fiver | Spatty X Palette
Palette® by pak | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Natalie Mills

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Ideas for stocking Stuffers for her

For those crowded holiday gatherings where face masks are still needed, make them sparkle this season with Natalie Mills.

The Crystal Tie Dye Face masks – available in Blue with AB Crystals, Yellow & Blue with AB Crystals, and even more colors – certainly are ready to party! These cotton masks are adorned with gorgeous Austrian crystals. Their soft interiors and adjustable ear loops make them super comfortable. There’s a filter pocket too, and they even come with a free filter.

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Ideas for stocking Stuffers for her

Crystal Tie Dye Face masks make great seasonal gifts and stocking stuffers for teens and tweens. Peace out, germs! This holiday season, we will be rocking face masks from Natalie Mills.

Crystal Tie-Dye Face Mask – Blue with AB Crystals | Crystal Tie-Dye Face Mask – Yellow & Blue with AB Crystals
Natalie Mills | Facebook | Instagram

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Heat Holders® 


Escape the cold this holiday season by keeping your hands nice and toasty with Women’s Quinn Quilted Touch Screen Gloves by Heat Holders®. These high-quality water-resistant gloves feature a soft HeatWeaver® lining and Thinsulate™ insulation, which help to keep your hands extra warm. The touchscreen fingertips allow you to navigate your smart device without removing the gloves. They also feature elasticated cuffs for improved fit and palm grips for better durability.

The Women’s Quinn Quilted Touch Screen Gloves are a great gift for yourself or others and make a wonderful stocking stuffer without breaking the bank! These ideas for stocking stuffers for her will keep her warm and happy, which will make you her new favorite person this winter!

Women’s Quinn Quilted Touch Screen Gloves
Heat Holders®  | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Ryan Porter

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Ideas for stocking Stuffers for her

Ryan Porter will be your new “custom jewelry shop” for the holidays. Specializing in personalized jewelry pieces, Ryan Porter has beautiful options to adorn your body, making you feel sexy and confident. Wearing multiple necklaces has become a fast-growing trend, allowing you to showcase your favorite chains all at once. The perfect layering necklace is the Boyfriend, a simple, yet necessary piece to the puzzle. Serving as the ideal base, this necklace is adjustable and can be worn either as a choker or elongated on your neck. Ideas for stocking stuffers for her don’t have to be limited to just trinkets this year!

Layering Necklace – Boyfriend
Ryan Porter | Facebook | Instagram

For some ladies their stocking is the most exciting part of Christmas morning and with these ideas for stocking stuffers for her, she will be pleasantly surprised with all of her gifts! From jewelry to makeup, blue light glasses to gloves, with these best ideas for stocking stuffers for her, your Christmas gifting just got so much easier! Happy shopping and enjoying watching your leading lady open her gifts this year!

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