Gear Guide Bob Revolution Flex And Bob B Safe 35 By Britax Travel System

If you’re an active parent, love the outdoors, or enjoy a morning run or evening stroll, you are probably well aware of the BOB brand of strollers. The BOB has long been the most coveted stroller company of active moms and dads everywhere, so coveted that resale value on a used BOB is high — and BOB owners know exactly why. Known for their ability to travel all sorts of terrain, easy transition from a light jog to a fast sprint without skipping a beat (or turning a wheel), and offering baby and child a relaxing and safe journey with a suspension system and cushioning like no other, the BOB line of strollers and trailers have been crucial to keeping parents active and children experiencing the natural world around them.

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From marathon running mamas to baby boot campers and dads that hike the trails, the BOB stroller keeps parents actively enjoying the hobbies they long enjoyed before having children, or even the new hobbies picked up since. It’s no wonder with all of the love they receive from their on-the-go customers, that they recently unveiled their new 2016 line of revolutionary strollers along with the new capability of becoming a full travel system! For new parents hoping to get the most out of their jogging stroller starting from infancy, BOB teamed up with Britax to design the first-ever BOB B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat, featuring the award-winning safety features that Britax is known for with the athleticism that gives BOB its high reputation. Now BOB jogging strollers can be used from birth through 75 lbs (an increase from older models)! Not only do we love the changes that BOB has made to their 2016 strollers, but we also love the fact that our must-have active stroller is now a travel system!

About BOB Gear

BOB Gear is the leading producer of high-quality, high-durability, and outstanding performance in jogging strollers and accessories. Their line of jogging strollers has long been the number one jogging stroller choice of runners and active parents. What began in 1994 as a simple idea to hitch a trailer to a bike soon bloomed into a line of jogging strollers that allowed parents to maintain their active lifestyle whether on foot or pedal. BOB Gear is not only uniquely designed with runners in mind but also designed by those who live an active lifestyle. Since its conception, BOB has created the Ironman jogging stroller (named after the famed triathlon) for fast and far hard-core running, the Revolution for on and off-road fitness (including urban cruising), the Sport Utility line of strollers, and the Motion for easy everyday strolling.

The BOB Revolution Flex Innovative Design

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If you’re a runner, you may know all too well how difficult it can be to push a stroller at the same time. Not only are you watching for bumps or potholes for your ankles’ sake, but also one slight mishap could result in quite the jolt for your child and a sudden halt in your run. Runners also know that the effort that goes into pushing a stroller while running makes an easy 3-miler feel more like 6. The wrong stroller can be a run killer. Thus, we love the 2016 BOB Revolution Flex for the mere comfort of knowing that our runs can easily go on… and on! New this 2016, BOB unveiled its most updated form of their classic BOB Revolution stroller, the first of their strollers to come out with a swiveling front wheel, making turns mid-run or weaving through heavy foot traffic incredibly easy. The 2016 BOB Revolution Flex not only incorporates all of our favorite features from the original Revolution but also adds some great details that definitely make parenting on the go much, much easier! With superb adjustable suspension, a swiveling-locking front wheel, high-impact polymer wheels, and an adjustable handlebar — to name just a few — the Revolution Flex is the ideal stroller for safety and comfort on all sorts of terrain.

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One of our favorite new features on the Revolution Flex is the adjustable handlebar. The handlebar can be adjusted to 9 different positions, allowing for a comfortable grasp no matter your height. This simple feature makes a world of difference when the stroller is being used by two different family members in your household, customizing the stroller to each individual’s comfort level.

The top-notch, like no other, suspension system makes pushing the stroller as easy as a simple light touch. With each bump or groove in the way, the Revolution Flex glides over it with ease, providing cushion for the child and ease of motion for the parent. For those who know what level of control they like — or know their terrain well — the suspension level can also be easily adjusted.

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The front swivel-locking wheel is another selling feature that parents will love. By unlocking the front wheel to allow it to swivel, the stroller turns with ease in all directions, making errands, hiking adventures, or running curvy routes incredibly easy. If you’re a runner that likes a bit more stability in a single direction, simply lock the front wheel with the flip of a switch.

When you’re done using the stroller, folding it up is a breeze with a simple two step process. The stroller folds flat, tight enough to fit into a small car trunk or indoor closet. Opening it back up is just as easy, with a simple release technique.

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Finally, when it comes to your child’s safety and comfort, the Revolution Flex has you fully covered. The ultra-padded seat sits fully upright with a 5 point harness, but can easily be reclined with just the squeeze of a button. Inner mesh pockets allow for drinks, snacks, and small toys to travel safely and upright, as well as a large basket underneath the seat (now 25% larger than older models), which is perfect for extra cargo. The adjustable UPF 50+ canopy shields your child from all elements — sun or rain — and features a large viewing window so parents can check in on their child while on the go.

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Other features worth mentioning:

  • Foot-activated parking break
  • Wrist strap for extra safety
  • Quick release wheels make putting together and taking apart easy and tool-less
  • High-strength aluminum alloy frame
  • Durable weather-resistant fabric
  • Safety straps for added protection with car seat installation
  • Optional snack tray can be purchased

See It In Action

The BOB B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat by Britax

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New this year, BOB is featuring its first ever travel system! Previously, separate car seat adapters were available to be bought which corresponded with various brands of car seats, but now BOB has made strolling along with baby even easier by providing its own matching car seat. Featuring all of the highly-rated safety features of Britax infant car seats and the sleek style of BOB strollers, the BOB B-Safe 35 by Britax is a must for new parents hoping to get the most out of their BOB stroller.

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Designed for infants 4 lbs to 35 lbs, the BOB B-Safe 35 has incredible safety standards. By incorporating Britax’s renowned SafeCell Impact Protection, Side Impact Protection, an Impact Absorbing Base, and an Impact Absorbing Steel Frame, the safety standards exceed federal safety regulations and have your child covered from all sides. See how Britax matched up in review with other popular travel combo systems.

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The BOB B-Safe 35 also features the highly coveted latch system, making installation into the car incredibly easy. The seat also includes an easy latch system when it comes to adjusting the harness straps for baby, by simply tightening and loosening straps with just one pull of the strap and click of a button.

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While safety features are a must when traveling with your most precious cargo, the car seat also features an amazing design that makes it easy to go from car to stroller in one simple click. Fitting the BOB B-Safe 35 with any BOB jogging stroller, the car seat adapter easily slides and locks into the stroller with one movement, while the car seat then fits snugly into the adapter and locks just as it does in the car seat base of the car. The two step installation process could not be any easier. When it comes time to move the car seat back into the car, simply pull up on the back spring of the seat, just as you would to unlatch it from the car seat base. The car seat adapter remains in place in the stroller as long as you’d like, even folding up in the stroller without a hitch. 

Other features worth mentioning:

  • Sleek design and colors match BOB jogging strollers
  • Contoured shell makes the seat fit easily into the car and minimizes side to side motion
  • Removable head pad
  • Extra large canopy
  • Spring assisted recline
  • Car seat weighs 10 lbs
  • Base weighs 9 lbs

Features to Love

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Do You Love the BOB Revolution Flex and BOB B-Safe 35 by Britax Travel System as much as we do?

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