21 Selfcare Ideas To Benefit Your Body & Your Sanity

Taking time for yourself is one of the most important aspects of selfcare. Whether you’re looking for a spa day, going on a walk, or just taking some alone time to relax, there are so many selfcare ideas available to help you let go of stress and feel rejuvenated. Taking care of your body and soul does not have to involve expensive trips or elaborate skincare routines – it can be as simple as giving yourself permission to take a break and enjoy something that brings joy, comfort, and beautiful skin into your life.

From aromatherapy baths and showers to foamy soaps the whole family could use, there is no shortage of selfcare ideas that can leave you feeling relaxed, restored, and ready to face the world with renewed energy. It’s important to remember, however, that self-care isn’t just about physical treatments and spa days. Mental health is equally as vital and should be incorporated into your routine in some way — especially if you want to truly feel your best.

Selfcare Ideas to Consider During Your Downtime


It’s a hug in a box! When you want to send a little love to someone who needs some extra TLC, send a BOXFULL. This company came about as a way to be there for people when getting together in person was difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic. BOXFULL has a variety of selfcare ideas to choose from, but this particular love-on-yourself box includes everyone someone might need for a mini at-home spa day. You’ll find a teddy bear, sleep mask, eye patches, nail polish, and lip balm. You can also add a customized message to make this gift more personal. Isn’t this such a thoughtful way to show someone you care?


Turn your shower into a spa with the Eclat 6-piece Shower Bomb steamer set. It features soothing lavender, refreshing eucalyptus, relaxing rose and jasmine, comforting vanilla orange, and calming mint scents. With the many aromatherapy benefits, you will instantly be relaxed. Simply place one on the floor of your shower and let it dissolve while you shower.

This hyaluronic acid moisturizer vegan formula brightens, plumps, and boosts radiance. This facial serum will give you glowing skin with vitamins C & E; the perfect addition to add to your selfcare ideas for your skin regimen. Vitamin E nourishes the dermis and strengthens the skin barrier while Vitamin C defends against free radicals.

This organic rose water toner for your face is high in antioxidants that protect and regenerate skin. It’s also rich in vitamin C, which boosts collagen production and smooths wrinkles. Plus, its powerful inflammation-countering properties reduce irritation and redness. This formula is made from sustainably sourced rose petals from organic farms in the optimal growing region of Bulgaria’s Valley of Roses.

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Baby Foot

During the harsh winter months, your feet are often neglected because they are hidden under socks or shoes. However, springtime is a whole different story. It doesn’t take much to pamper and soften your feet’s skin and nails, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on beauty salon sessions; making this one of the most cost-effective selfcare ideas for your feet. 

Try the Baby Foot Peel if you have tired, cracked feet that need some love and TLC. The spa bundle includes a peel, 2-foot soaks, and 1-foot scrub tube. Using 16 natural extracts and oils, Baby Foot is able to create the ultimate spa experience at home. After just one hour, your feet will feel smooth and soft, like baby’s feet, because the peel & soak contains salicylic acid and other enzymes, which soften your feet and induce peeling.

If you want to pamper your feet even more, wear Baby foot red socks over the plastic booties or alone for added comfort. The warm and comfortable socks feature the Baby Foot Logo and are designed to fit above the ankle. It’s time to show off your feet in sandals and flip-flops. No more expensive salon visits! You can now enjoy a spa-like foot treatment right from the convenience of your home with Baby Foot!


Transform your daily shower routine, yet again, with Parrotfish’s Shower Steamers – as this is one of our most popular selfcare ideas! These unique steamers are made of essential oils and fragrant herbs, offering an aromatherapy experience that will enhance your relaxation. When combined with the hot running water, these steamers unlock a soothing vapor that is perfect for unwinding after a stressful day. With their range of invigorating scents and fragrances, you can easily find one to match your mood.

Flora & Noor

Who knew that sugar and shea butter could be so magical? We had to add it to our list of selfcare ideas for sure! This anti-inflammatory formula removes dead skin, cleans pores, and moisturizes the skin. You’ll enjoy exfoliating sugar crystals, moisturizing shea butter, and nourishing colloidal oatmeal – the perfect blend to make you feel silky smooth! Say goodbye to a dry and dull appearance, and hello to invigorated, glowy skin with this great product! Trust Flora & Noor to make products that are inclusive, halal-certified, vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable.

This brand believes in the “power of plants, inclusivity, and innovation” to handle a variety of skin concerns.


PPBODY brings all the best ingredients together in a funky, desert-loving aesthetic that will help your body feel a little more connected to Mother Earth! This company vets all of its ingredients to make sure suppliers match PPBODY’s high standards and commitment to ethical and responsible practices. In fact, they can guarantee that all ingredients in their products are pesticide free!

If you want to try a product for your selfcare ideas you’re putting together from PPBODY, go for the body scrub! This highly rated item has the most amazing prickly pear scent – fruity and sweet but subtle enough to not be overwhelming. This body scrub uses poppyseed and sugar to gently exfoliate your skin and remove toxins. Other ingredients include prickly pear seed fruit and herb-infused coconut oil with arnica Montana flower, calendula flower, and comfrey root. These items, with organic moisturizers, improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

You should also give the lip balm a try! It is made with natural ingredients like beeswax, prickly pear seed oil, cucumber seed oil, and menthol. Bonus – the packaging is 100% biodegradable! It’s also affordable, so your lips can stay hydrated (without harming the planet) without breaking the bank.

Green Forest Lady

Get your skin ready with these selfcare ideas for spring with sugar scrubs! Breathing in the honeysuckle scent will have your mind drifting away to greener pastures while massaging the scrub over your body will help to remove dry skin flakes. Made with coconut oil, cherry kernel oil, honeysuckle flowers and oil, and organic sugar cane, this scrub will help your body improve circulation, retain moisture, and enhance cellular health and tissue repair. Give yourself a moment of self-care with this great product from Green Forest Lady!

Adama Minerals

The Bergamot Bundle includes Ancient Clay Vegan Soap, Clay Dry Bold, and Ancient Clay Hydrating Bath Bombs, complete selfcare ideas that offer relief for your mind and body. Featuring bergamot and rose oil blend, this bundle prioritizes cleanliness and hydration. The scent of bergamot essential oil is similar to a sweet light orange peel oil with a floral note.

  • Ancient Clay Hydrating Bath Bombs offer relief for your mind and body. Beyond releasing a blissful aroma, the bergamot and rose oil blend provides proven therapeutic benefits, including mood elevation, pain relief, and revitalization. Clay minerals achieve balance within the body by pulling out toxins, replenishing nutrients, and soothing irritation.
  • Ancient Clay Vegan Soap – if you are looking to ditch the chemical fillers and preservatives, and upgrade your bath routine with products that are simply better for your body and the environment choose this bar soap with simple ingredients that will leave your skin gasping for moisture.
  • Absorb odor with Clay – ClayDry absorbs odor and toxins with a special type of healing clay called Calcium Montmorillonite Clay.


Every season is the perfect season to enjoy a good soak. With Bathorium, you can truly sink into a luxurious bath that will revitalize, relax, and renew your body so you can conquer the days and moments ahead.

With their Bath Lovers Bath Bomb Bundle, this act of self-care is bigger and better than ever. These bombs are 30% larger than other bath bobs and feature five different blends: Snooze Bomb, Boreal Fog, J’Adore Matcha, Mama’s Perch, and Pomelo Grove. Crafted with Certified Organic extracts and fragrance and phthalate free, you know your bath is giving you nothing but goodness so that you can enjoy and treat your body right.

Two Sisters Spa

Two Sisters Spa has created Bath Bombs that actually create a Bubble Bath! This bath bomb set treats you to 6 different scents and colors: Relaxing Lavender, Sleepy Time, Eucalyptus Spearmint, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Ocean Mist, and White Tea & Ginger. Every day ends better with a Two Sisters Bubble Bath. Using only high-quality USA-Sourced Ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin and won’t stain your tub!

All of these selfcare ideas are designed and handmade by moms and are also vegan, cruelty-Ffee, and eco-friendly. All Two Sisters Bubble Bath Bombs contain epsom salts to detox, essential oils or fragrance oils for aromatherapy, and Italian extra virgin olive oil to moisturize your skin.

Selfcare Ideas For the Whole Family



Spoil yourself with the luxurious Unicorn Dream Body Collection by Aminnah. Aminnah is a women-owned business located in Florida. The vegan-friendly, all-natural Aminnah products are made with ethically sourced ingredients and include handmade essentials to keep you feeling and looking fabulous – perfect selfcare ideas for bathtime for your little ones. 

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The playful Unicorn Dream Body Collections are perfect for healthy, nourished, and hydrated skin. So when thinking about some selfcare ideas for dry skin, this would be ideal. Using these magical, nourishing products will leave your body looking and feeling fabulous. 

This luxurious Unicorn Collection includes:

– Unicorn Dreams Whipped Body Butter 8oz

– Unicorn Dreams Whipped Shaving Soap

– Unicorn Dreams Sugar Polish

– Unicorn Bath Fizz

Take a moment to pamper yourself with these selfcare ideas from the Unicorn Dream Body Collection, designed to make you feel your best.

Blue Lizard

Get ready for springtime sports, Spring Break, and summertime, too, with Blue Lizard sunscreens. The Sport Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50+ Spray easily protects you for fun in the sun. The broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 50+ is dermatologist recommended. The mineral-active zinc oxide sunscreen is water resistant for up to 80 minutes and boasts an Earth-friendly propellant. The paraben-free, fragrance-free mineral sunscreen is a good choice for those with sensitive skin, eczema, or rosacea.

The Sheer Face Lotion SPF 50+ mineral sunscreen rubs in smooth and dries clear providing you with some selfcare ideas for sun protection for everyone. Plant extracts in the lotion even provide blue light protection from blue light screens. The Sheer Face Lotion nourishes skin with a super blend of hydrating hyaluronic acid, shea butter, antioxidants, and Vitamin E. The Sheer Face Lotion boasts cucumber and papaya extracts, that help reduce signs of skin aging by blocking UV sun rays and fighting free radicals, too.

Dermatologists recommend mineral-based Blue Lizard sunscreens because they are chemical-free, which makes them better for those with sensitive skin. Active ingredients include oxide and titanium dioxide. The Sensitive Face Mineral Sunscreen 30+ boasts Smart Cap Technology™ so you know when harmful UV rays are present (The cap turns blue reminding you to apply sunscreen to be safe in the sun). All Blue Lizard sunscreens protect you from 97 percent of the sun’s rays. The Sensitive Blue Lizard sunscreen water-resistant formula is made without Oxybenzone or Octinoxate to help protect fragile reef ecosystems.

Whispering Willow

Everyone’s diligently washing their hands nowadays, so why not use a soap that is as good for the environment as it is for your hands? Whispering Willow, a company based in North Carolina, designs cruelty-free products made with organic and essential oils that encourage indulgent self-care and mindful giving through handcrafted apothecary products. In addition, their unique blends of hand soap will renew, uplift, and invigorate your senses a must-have for your selfcare ideas to keep your hands clean and economical.

The Tea Tree, Lemongrass, and Eucalyptus & Mint Natural Hand Soap, all contained in a frosted reusable glass bottle, are gentle on the hands and produce a rich lather that cleans as well as moisturizes your hands. With its unique blend of organic olive, coconut, and jojoba oils, this handcrafted soap not only cleans & moisturizes but leaves a fresh, aromatic scent that leaves your skin and senses feeling refreshed and awakened.

When used daily, you will enjoy the fresh aroma of Whispering Willow Hand Soap, adding a pick-me-up to your hectic schedule. In addition, the reusable, refillable container eliminates plastic waste and will look great in any kitchen or bathroom for many years.


Exfoliating your skin with a body scrub helps heal and rejuvenate it. Marbela’s handmade cruelty-free body scrubs and soaps will give your skin the TLC it needs. Marbela carries a wide variety of moisturizing soaps, massage bars, lip balms, whipped body soaps, and scrubs, a love-filled assortment of selfcare ideas! Their soothing skincare products are made with fresh ingredients in Cartersville, Georgia, with love.

The Cotton Candy Whipped Body Soap will make your skin feel luxurious and smell heavenly. Its creamy lather works to cleanse and hydrate the body. After stepping out of the shower, you will feel like your skin is squeaky clean and super moisturized. 

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You should use Peach Mango Sugar Body Scrub to get rid of dead skin cells to keep your skin looking its best. With the help of the sweet almond oil in this mild exfoliant, the skin is gently cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized. This is one of the most sumptuous body scrubs out there as a small-grain exfoliant that gently smooths and buffs the skin.

Ingredients like sweet almond oil add moisture back into the body. The peach mango scent is as powerful as the bright coloring, and the texture is thick, buttery, creamy, and luxurious. Better yet, this product is handmade, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free. You will love this scrub so much that you’ll use it in the blink of an eye! It’s like a tropical vacation in a jar!

Another great product Marbela offers is the Roses Soap. This handmade cruelty-free bar releases the aroma of fresh roses, making you feel relaxed and ready to start your day. Furthermore, roses have hydrating and softening properties that improve the appearance of the skin. Take your shower routine to the next level with premium Marbela body care products that will make your skin look and feel healthy.


It’s time to put an end to all your beauty concerns. A revolutionary skin wash that can replace over seven skincare products, an economical choice for your selfcare ideas on a tight budget. Gntl can make your skin look and feel great for less! You can use this cruelty-free vegan gel cleanser as a makeup remover, face wash, body wash, hand soap, shaving gel, feminine wash, and bubble bath. Despite its gentle nature, this cleanser removes dirt, oils, and residue from the skin without stripping it.

With Gntl, there are no parabens, dyes, phthalates, or sulfates, and it has been dermatologist tested and approved to be safe for the entire family. As an additional benefit, this skin wash can be used when traveling, so you can save space and money.

Kesha Janaan

Depositphotos 220357598 Xl 2015

Kesha Janaan is a leading natural soap artisan who has made it her mission to bring quality, all-natural skincare products to the market to add to your selfcare ideas for wash time. Her latest Assorted Soap Set is no exception. Made with only the finest ingredients, this set of bar soaps is perfect for anyone looking for an indulgent way to pamper themselves. Each soap in this assorted set is crafted with care and attention to detail.

Using only organic oils and ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter, Kesha Janaan has created these products to be gentle on the skin but powerful enough to cleanse away dirt and impurities. In this assortment, you’ll get a special mix of amazing scents like pink grapefruit and lavender. You’ll love them all!


Dionis Goat Milk Skincare is an amazing skincare line that you will love! Goat milk like skincare gold – is naturally enriched with high amounts of protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals that can give your skin needed moisture. These products, all made in the USA, are affordable and effective, making them a must-have for your selfcare ideas in your home! First, consider the body lotion. Perfect for all skin types, this product is cruelty-free and paraben free, and it doesn’t leave any greasy, unpleasant residue. It comes in a variety of sweet, light scents, like lavender, vanilla bean, blood orange, and much more!

The Sole Keeper foot lotion is a lot like the body lotion. It’s cruelty-free and paraben free, and it doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It uses ingredients like avocado oil and shea butter – along with the ever-special goat milk – to heal, moisturize, deodorize, and revitalize feet that are rough, callused, and cracked. Not many lotions can tackle the tough skin on human feet; this product is up to the task.

The Goat Milk Lip Balm Deluxe Box Set includes six massive lip balms in a variety of flavors, like coconut cream and caramel apple. They are made with beeswax, goat milk, shea butter, and coconut oil, providing plenty of moisture to heal your chapped lips and keep them soft and healthy. These lip balms are also cruelty-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free.


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TOCCA Hand Creams have the best selfcare ideas to keep your hands soft and moisturized. Enriched with natural extracts from coconut oil, shea butter, and aloe, these moisturizing hand creams will leave your skin feeling soft and beautifully fragrant. This whimsical gift set captures the imagination and invites you to “Love Yourself” with three amazing creams.

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BEE&YOU is an award-winning company with selfcare ideas and products that will help you feel and look good, all at affordable prices! Their ingredients support health and wellness and are supported by science. Their lip balms are ethically sourced and are non-toxic, non-GMO, gluten-free, chemical-free, petroleum-free, filler-free, soy-free, and cruelty-free. The ingredients of the lip balms are natural and ethical sources.

For example, the Intensive Care lip balm uses traditional ingredients but also adds elderberry extract for maximum effect. This five-star product provides 24 hours of lip care when you need it most.

The Triple Propolis Raw Honey Lip Balm uses a special propolis honey ingredient to provide extra nourishment to your lips. This is a staple of BEE&YOU! The packaging is beautiful – it looks much fancier than your everyday chapstick! The Triple Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm uses vitamins and antioxidants like Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 to provide a little extra moisture to your lips. Get a full day of skin hydration on your lips!


If you are looking for selfcare ideas for irritated, rashy skin, Sarna Sensitive offers powerful, soothing relief for itchy, dry skin. The anti-itch moisturizing lotion provides relief for eczema and dry skin conditions. Sarna Sensitive is made without harsh chemicals, no parabens, and no fragrances. Sarna Sensitive is steroid-free, too! It makes inflamed skin feel better.

Sarna Whipped Foam boasts maximum strength hydrocortisone for quick relief from eczema, inflammation, redness, and itchy skin. The whipped foam absorbs quickly providing targeted itch relief. Sarna Whipped Foam is made without paraben, dyes, or fragrances. The hydrocortisone foam provides a more intense treatment for inflamed skin providing cooling relief.

The Nice Bum

Introducing the Nice Bum, a revolutionary line of bathroom products that will make your life so much easier! From facial tissues to flushable wipes, their unique combination of ingredients is designed to give you the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Enjoy soft, gentle facial tissues that won’t irritate your skin while getting rid of dirt and makeup with ease. The flushable wipes provide a clean, comfortable experience whenever you need them – perfect for those messy times or just when you want to feel fresh.

No more dealing with harsh, abrasive facial tissues or irritating flushable wipes – trust The Nice Bum to make all your bathroom needs simple and stress-free. Stop relying on cheaply-made products and start experiencing luxury today when you choose these when looking for more selfcare ideas!

Overall, the best way to balance your physical and mental health is to plan ahead and be mindful of what you take on. Taking time for yourself, even in small moments throughout the day, can help prevent burnout and create a more balanced lifestyle. Be aware of your limits and bring your selfcare ideas to life when you need them most. With a bit of planning and preparation, you can keep your body looking and feeling its best while you take in moments of serenity…saving your sanity.

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