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How To Wear: Activewear 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

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ave you ever noticed that what is the perfect outfit for one fitness activity may not be suitable for another? Just as you wouldn’t wear a ball gown on a basketball court, you also want to wear the right activewear for various athletic activities. Daily Mom is here to give you a breakdown on the best activewear for your workout!

 If you are doing yoga…

Your yoga clothes should be comfortable and non-restrictive. If you are thinking about purchasing yoga clothes remember that just because yoga clothes are supposed to be comfortable, does not mean they should be unattractive! Consider a stylish and functional outfit like this moisture wicking tee and capri leggings from Ellie.

How To Wear: Activewear 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


If you are running…

Whether you like running on woodsy trails or on your home treadmill, you want to wear the right attire. Climate & location play a role in your choice of active wear and we know that all of our readers are looking for something different. We discovered some running-wear for your climate and style!

Be sure to look for fitness clothing that is moisture wicking. This means that your clothing will actually dispel sweat from your skin in order to keep you cool while working out.

If you are running outdoors in a warm climate we suggest a sports bra and running short combination like this one from Ellie.

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If your climate is mild or you are running indoors, we like a lycra/spandex legging and a loose fitting tank.

I got this Peekaboo tank and Love Struck legging from Ellie and absolutely loved wearing them while running my usual neighborhood route in Atlanta’s sunny, spring weather.

The tank is mesh and very breathable. Since it is loose fitting, it doesn’t rub or chafe while running long distances. And we love the slit in the back which will keep you cool but also makes the tank edgy and sexy.

What is great about the leggings? They are comfortable enough to wear while lounging around the house and yet they are functional enough to sustain hours of running. The “tuxedo stripe” down the sides of the legs are a fashionable touch as well.

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Photo Credit: Hinge Photography


If you happen to live in a colder climate but love running outdoors, consider this classic running ensemble from Ellie: the Night Rider long sleeve and Little Black legging.

How To Wear: Activewear 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families



Why We Love Ellie for Our Activewear

  • We all know that wearing the same outfit as another woman is a fashion faux pas! Ellie solved this issue by coming out with a new collection each month! This means that you won’t be wearing the same activewear as every other girl in the gym!
  • The quality is unmatched. The fabric is a quality blend of Lycra and Spandex, is moisture wicking and antimicrobial, fitted but not restrictive and very breathable. The leggings can keep you warm in the winter but at the same time will keep you cool when you are working your hardest at the gym.
  • Their pieces are made in the US!
  • Ellie has a Workout, Wear, Wash guarantee! These pieces will last well beyond your 90 day workout DVDs! They guarantee that the items you choose will not lose their quality even after endless workouts, wearing and washing!


More for YOU!

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For even more savings, sign up for their Fit Fashionista program and get 2 pieces for $50 a month! Pick out your selections each month or let their stylists choose pieces for you from your style quiz!

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