5 TTC Apps that you need to check out

5 Ttc Apps That You Need To Check Out 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

In a country where a majority of adults have smart phones and everyone who has one is ADDICTED, we all want to know which apps we should be using and which ones we shouldn’t even bother downloading. If you are in the process of TTCing you want to have a way of tracking your fertile days consistently. Luckily, you don’t have to resort to keeping a spiral bound notebook full of information and charts! Here are 5 (free) iPhone TTC apps to keep you organized while tracking your fertility!


5 Ttc Apps That You Need To Check Out 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Price: Free

This app is surprisingly user-friendly for an app that falls in the “medical” category. Kindara keeps track of which day you are in your cycle, your body temperature, intercourse, menses & cervical fluids. Additionally, what sets it apart from other apps is that you are able to chart past cycles and adjust, rather than setting a 28 day cycle for each user. Furthermore, since Kindara boasts a clean, modern design, it is pleasant to look at.

 Fertility Friend Mobile

5 Ttc Apps That You Need To Check Out 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Price: Free

Talk about a detailed app! Fertility Friend mobile connects you with their website – a comprehensive fertility charting system. The website offers free classes on charting, forums, Q&As, even games. To begin using the app you must register with the website to establish your account. Once you have set up your account you are able to use the app to chart menses and fertility on the home screen calendar. FF Mobile even offers the option to set an in-app alarm to remind you to enter your daily data and body temperature. Below the calendar, you will find buttons for recording data (cervical fluid, menses/spotting, intercourse/insemination, notes, secondary signs, tests, meds, mood/energy, and weight data), temperature calculator, a chart of your information, and more (settings, chart & data analysis, sharing, forums, a pregnancy tracker and education & fun). If you prefer to have the most information available to you as possible, then this is the app to download; it will prove invaluable.

 ept Ovulation App

5 Ttc Apps That You Need To Check Out 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Price: Free

This is a very basic, no-brainer app for the woman who doesn’t have the time to chart every last detail of her cycle. However, like most TTC apps, it is based on a regular cycle. This ovulation calculator gives you your next 3 fertile periods and expected due dates if you conceive during those fertile times. It even gives you the option to enter in the due date you’d like and when you need to conceive to achieve that goal! As a bonus, you can click through 35 conception tips of ways your body can be ready for conception.

 Baby Planner

5 Ttc Apps That You Need To Check Out 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Price: $2.99 (also comes in a Free version)

If you are a woman who is blessed with a regular cycle and would like to chart your fertility using an app with cute backgrounds and calendars then this one is for you! The home screen for Baby Planner spells out whether or not you are fertile that day, what the gender is likely to be if you were to get pregnant that day (based on Shettles method), and when you will be fertile next. This app is customizable from the skins, to the calendars, to your cycle and period length. It offers options to enter symptoms, days of intercourse, and notes. It is incredibly user friendly and fun to use.

 Baby Bump

5 Ttc Apps That You Need To Check Out 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families Price: Free, though you can upgrade to BabyBump Pro for $3.99

This app gives tips for tracking for fertility, monitoring cervical fluid and tracking BBT. For women who are pregnant, this app allows you to insert “bump” photos, your due date, see a count down of the days and it gives you tips for each day that you are pregnant. You are also able to record your measurements and (if you want to know) you can see how much weight you are gaining. If you begin using this app while you are TTCing, you will already be well acquainted with it when you get that positive sign on the pregnancy test.

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  1. My husband and I began decided we were ready to expand our family a couple of months ago so I began tracking my cycles (which I still had with an IUD) on the app Ovia so that once I had my birth control removed it would have an idea based on my previous cycles when my fertility days are. So far so good! We should know by the end of the month.

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