7 Tips for Taking Great Maternity Photos


Maternity photos are a wonderful way to document your life during pregnancy. Hopefully, you’re enjoying the glow of pregnancy and want to capture it. However, even if you aren’t feeling your best, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be photographed. Today we reveal 7 photo ideas that aim to give you the maternity photos and experience you’ll cherish forever.

1. Timing

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The ideal time to take maternity photos is about two months (between 6 and 10 weeks) before your due date.  You want your belly to be big, round and beautiful. However, you don’t want to be so large that water retention, stretch marks and feeling too pregnant to feel confident about your body becomes a problem.

2. Lighting and Location

7 Tips For Taking Great Maternity Photos 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Outdoors: While a studio can offer privacy (especially if you prefer to take limited clothing shots), the great outdoors offers beautiful backdrops that are hard to recreate indoors. The light is most magical in the hour before sunset. If possible, plan to be photographed during that time. If not, at least steer clear of direct sunlight to avoid harsh shadows.

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At Home: If you prefer a little privacy, but don’t want to be in a studio, your home may be the ideal location. In particular, your bedroom and nursery are great places to capture your life before baby. Shoot during peak daylight hours to avoid using a flash.

4. What to Wear

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What you wear should highlight your baby bump and make you feel great. Tight, form-fitting clothes will accentuate your curves, so don’t be afraid to wear them. Avoid heavy patterns, florals, plaids and checks.  Stick to solids and simple prints. Choose something that is reflective of your personality, timeless and that will show up well in photographs.

Alternatively, you may opt to go bare belly. Sheer curtains wrapped around your body creates a really interesting look.

5. Use Props

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Props such as your baby’s ultrasound photo, baby shoes or blocks that spell your baby’s name are fun to use in maternity photos, but not necessary. If you don’t have anything that holds special meaning to you, don’t worry about it.

6. Keep it Simple

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When choosing the location for your maternity photos, consider what might be in your background. Be sure to clear the clutter if you’re being photographed in your home. If you’re going outside, use a wide aperture to keep the focus on you. Maternity photos don’t really require anything other than the beauty of an expecting mother to tell the story, so keep it simple.

7. Involve the Family

7 Tips For Taking Great Maternity Photos 7 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

In addition to individual photos of you and your beautiful belly, be sure to have your photographer capture a few shots of you and your husband before your new baby arrives. These sweet moments are often even more precious than those you took on your wedding day. If you have other children (or pets), be sure to capture a few mother and child moments, as well as include them for a family portrait.

Even if you consider yourself pretty good with a camera and apply all of today’s tips, you’re likely going to hire someone else to take maternity photos for you. It is extremely important that you are comfortable posing in front of whoever is holding the camera, be it your husband, your sister, your friend or a professional photographer. Choose someone who makes you feel at ease and is willing to listen to your ideas. Talk with them about any specific shots you want captured, but be open to ideas. Then, on the day of the shoot, relax and let the photographer do their thing.

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Your maternity photos should be as unique and special as you are. Don’t be afraid to step out of line and do something completely different. You deserve to feel beautiful and amazing. You deserve incredible photographs. You deserve it, because you’re carrying a miracle. Enjoy every minute of it.

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Photo Credits: Ashley Sisk, Casey Martinez Photography and Sarah Halstead Photography





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