The Hottest Kids Tech at CES 2019

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just wrapped up but the technology that was unveiled at this year’s event will be talked about in the months to come. CES has been heralding the future of tech for over 30 years and the products from this show are bringing us closer to the Jetsons than ever. We may still be a few years out from flying cars, but autonomous driving vehicles and robots are officially here to stay.

The three day event features thousands of new products and companies from around the world. Over 180,000 people attend the show each year ranging from buyers for Amazon to inventors seeking the best semiconductors for their next creation.

We attended CES to learn what hot new tech would be coming our way throughout 2019 and there were innovations for children of all ages.


The Hottest Kids Tech At Ces 2019

With a background in developing tools for a STEAM education, the Mabot from Bellrobot is encouraging children to be more creative than ever. The ball shaped robot can be customized and programed in thousands of ways, building everything from a laser pistol to ferris wheel.

Winner of the CES 2019 Innovation Award for Robotics and Drones Mabots are built with a modular design that is fully compatible with LEGO pieces allowing kids to create and innovate to their heart’s content.

Coding Critters

The Hottest Kids Tech At Ces 2019

For the younger scientists, Learning Resources unveiled their new coding critters, designed specifically for age 4 and up. Fully interactive and screen free the Coding Critters use interactive storybooks to teach basic coding skills. Available as either puppies, kittens, or dinosaurs, children learn STEM skills through critical thinking and problem solving as they play.

Coding Critters will be available in Summer 2019.


The Hottest Kids Tech At Ces 2019

Ask Woobo is the interactive toy of the future and it’s officially here in the present. Designed as an imaginary friend for your child to interact with, Woobo will answer questions, sing songs and even play games. The plush robot features an emotive screen that uses voice commands to interact with your child.

Parents can even set Woobo to support healthy habits by programming reminders for brushing their teeth or cleaning up their bedroom. When Woobo asks for a chore to be completed the task becomes a game, turning good habits into fun.

Woobo is available for pre-order now.

Tech Den

The Hottest Kids Tech At Ces 2019

The inundation of technology has made managing your child’s screen time more challenging than ever. Tech Den makes keeping track of the screens in your household that much easier.

Developed as a storage and charging station, tech den provides a secure way to manage your child’s screen time and tech usage.

The Den is a physical home that stores your technology devices, completely remotely controlled through a parent app. Specific time allowances can be scheduled and children are notified when it is time to return the technology to the den. If the item is not returned, parents receive a notification allowing them to follow up and ensure household rules are maintained.

Tech Den is currently available for pre-order.

Razor E Prime Air

The Hottest Kids Tech At Ces 2019

While at CES the Razor team announced improvements to their robust line of electric scooters. The soon to be released E Prime Air is an upgrade to the existing E Prime currently available with improvements to the overall weight, speed and battery life.

Built for children age 14 and up the E Prime Air is perfect for encouraging high school students to take on more responsibility including errands to the store or transportation to school. With the ability to go up to 15 miles per hour and a compact folding design the E Prime Air can fit into their locker throughout the day and be ready for a safe journey home after school.

The Razor E Prime Air will be released in 2019.

Oral-B Genius Toothbrush

The Hottest Kids Tech At Ces 2019

Did you know proper teeth brushing should last two full minutes twice per day? According to the American Dental Association most people spend a brief 45 seconds brushing. The new Oral B Genius toothbrush is a parent’s tool perfect for helping your child build good brushing habits that will benefit them throughout their lifetime.

Synced with an easy to use app, the Oral-B Genius provides a brushing timer to ensure proper brush time while also monitoring with a pressure sensor to gauge if your child is brushing too hard. A fun gamification mode even allows your child to use augmented reality while brushing to turn into their favorite animal, similar to popular snapchat features.

Veta Smart Case

The Hottest Kids Tech At Ces 2019

Not everything at CES is all fun and games. Some products for kids can actually save their lives. For parents of a child who requires an EpiPen the Veta smart case is a first of its kind tracking device. Developed by the team at Aterica Digital Health, the Veta Smart Case and App is a high tech allergy support system for individuals at risk of an anaphylactic reaction.

The electronic case replaces stock epinephrine auto-injector cases and allows parents to monitor the proximity of the EpiPen to their child at all times. Connected via Bluetooth to the Veta App, parents are alerted if an EpiPen is left at home and notified when the injector has been removed for use.


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The Hottest Kids Tech At Ces 2019

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