Edible Marshmallow Paint

If your kids are anything like our kids they are always asking to do a fun craft with you! Well, we have one today that is not only fun, but yummy too! With only a few simple ingredients that you probably already have at home, you can turn any regular day into an exciting one by making some edible marshmallow paint! This paint is very pretty and is completely edible- yes sugary, but that’s part of  the fun! It’s great for kids of all ages and makes some beautiful soft colors that your kids will love painting with.

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Making Chores Fun with Chore Charts

We know that our kids would rather do anything other than their chores. Hey, we as adults usually feel the same way! You’d think they would have made the definition of chores more uplifting and positive, instead of “an unpleasant, but necessary task.” Instead of, or at least in addition to forcing these unpleasant tasks upon our kids, let’s try to add a little bit of fun and motivation into the mix. Not only for their sake, but also for ours.

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DIY: Nut Butters

If you’re like us, you’re crazy for nut butters! Creamy, crunchy, flavored, unflavored, in smoothies, on fruit, or by the spoonful — nut butters make the perfect addition to any snack.

But what we don’t like about nut butters are the additives, preservatives, and price tag — a jar of organic almond butter can easily set you back $10! And when you’re adding the delicious spread to everything, this habit can get quite expensive.

The solution? Make it yourself! With a few kitchen supplies, ingredients, and time, you can easily whip up your very own nut butters, customized exactly to your tastes and preferences!

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DIY All-Natural Bath Paints

Painting is a very fun indoor activity. The mess, however, is not so much fun–especially when children channel their inner Jackson Pollock and begin flipping paint. Then, what begins as a fun activity, quickly turns into an afternoon of cleaning. Wouldn’t it be great to preserve the fun while preventing the mess?  

The answer: bath tub paints. Bath tub paints are a fun and natural way to enjoy painting to its fullest. Meanwhile, the mess is much more easily managed, contained, and can be easily rinsed away. The best part about this paint is that it only takes three ingredients to make!

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5 Ways to Upcycle Leftover Crayons

Your preschooler wants to color today. You pull out the coloring books and the plastic container that the crayons are stored in. Your child wants purple and only purple to color her princess. As you dig through the crayons to find the only color that will make today’s art session a success, you start pulling out all the broken crayons you come across. Boy, there’s a lot more than you thought – crayons broken cleanly in two, ones drawn down to a nub, crayons barely hanging on by a thread, missing peeling paper, and some so dirty that it’s impossible to tell what color they used to be. Finally, all that’s left in the container are two intact crayons, blue and purple. Phew, crisis averted. Your child colors happily and you gather up all the bits and pieces, mentally adding crayons to your shopping list. Before you just toss those unloved and neglected crayons in the trash, give them a second thought and a second life. We’re sharing 5 fun and creative ways to reuse and upcycle old crayons into new creations.

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10 Ways to Washi: Birthday Edition

Washi tape is not only great for the holidays and for organizing, but it’s a birthday party essential these days, especially for the DIYer! There are countless ways to put your personal touch on the birthday parties you throw simply with a roll or two of washi tape. Don’t limit yourself to the 10 ideas we’re about to show you, let your imagination run wild, and see what else you can come up with.

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DIY Handprint Ballerina Tutu

Handprint art is a great way to make a sentimental keepsake for both you and your child that you’ll cherish for years. If you’re looking for something truly unique and downright precious to make with your little girl’s handprints, we have a simple tutorial for a DIY handprint ballerina tutu. This is the perfect handprint art to create for her first birthday, or any year beyond! Your little ballerina will love seeing her very own handprints transform into a beautiful tutu. This will make the perfect accent to her bedroom, hanging on the wall in a beautiful frame. You can even set up a handprint art station at her next birthday party and send all of her little friends home with their very own!

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Homemade Natural Wax Crayons

Crayons are a staple in every toddler and child’s home. Not only are there probably several different kinds stacked neatly in a box in the art area at home, but there’s usually a few in the bathroom, under the couch, in the car, or in other various places that are completely impossible to get to. Let’s face it, kids love crayons.

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10 Ways to Washi: Organizing Edition

We’re continuing our washi tape series into the New Year (read 10 Ways to Washi: Holiday Edition if you missed it), for those of you who have either committed to becoming more crafty in 2015 or for those who want a pretty way to organize your life and your belongings. Washi tape is so versatile that you can use it in practically any way you can come up with, especially when it comes to organization, so we’ve rounded up 10 Ways to Washi organizing style!

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5 Ways to Make St. Patrick’s Day Special for Your Kids

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and whether you are Irish or not, it is still a fun holiday to celebrate! There are so many fun ways to make this day special for your kids that, best of all, don’t include gifts, like most holidays do! Spend this day wearing green and celebrating the luck of the Irish with these five fun ideas for making this day special for you and your kids.

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Shamrock Yarn Wreath

Whether you are Irish or not, chances are you love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! This fun holiday is all about green, being lucky and looking for leprechauns. If you love all the fun customs that come with St. Patrick’s Day, why not add some of this fun and whimsy to your decor? This simple-to-make Shamrock Yarn Wreath, with it’s green and white yarn stripes and beautiful felt shamrocks, will be just what your front door needs to add a little extra luck to your house.

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Homemade Drinking Chocolate Recipe

When the temperature drops and more hours are spent indoors snuggled up under blankets, nothing beats a warm mug of drinking chocolate. Drinking chocolate, rather than cocoa, is the more grown up and richer version of a favorite childhood treat. Packaged and powdered drink mixes–move aside. Drinking chocolate makes a delectable gift, perfect for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or the holidays. However, we dare you to try this recipe and still want to give it away! 

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Cute as a Bug Valentines

 cute as a bug valentines

The most special Valentines are ones that come from the heart. So, why not make some easy, customized Valentine’s Day cards with your child that let their personality shine through? Making simple Valentines is a fun way to give family and friends an extra smile. Plus, what could be cuter than your own little bug making little Valentine’s Day bugs? Even if “crafty” isn’t exactly your middle name, with these adorable and easy Valentines, it doesn’t need to be!

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